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Avoid the Alcohol Problem in College

Despite being a grave matter, the alcohol problem in college is often neglected and treated as a phase that students will eventually outgrow. What many don’t realize, though, is that college drinking may lead to complications and permanent damages that young adults may not recover from.

The Culture

Among college students, binge drinking is a popular activity that often serves as a prerequisite to socializing at parties. In a country where 21 is the legal age for alcohol consumption, it is disturbing but factual that underage college students obtain alcohol as easily as legal drinkers. Beer, in particular, is within their reach and budget. The availability of private places like dorms also facilitates the culture of college drinking.

The Complications

Underage drinking, as is, poses various risks to students' physical, mental and social health. At the very least, students may need to be treated for alcohol overdose. Not only can they harm themselves, students with an alcohol problem in college are also prone to damaging the properties around them while intoxicated. Unsafe sexual activities are also among the perils of alcohol misuse, which may lead to further troubles like STD's and unwanted pregnancy. There is also the constant possibility of violating the law and doing things that will inevitably end in regret while intoxicated.

Here at, we recognize the hazards of alcoholism in college, hence we find ways of helping the parents and families of students with drinking problems to make the right move. Allow our comprehensive questionnaire to serve as guide towards a potential life-changing decision you're about to make.

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August 13,2009

Alcohol problem symptoms are of varying degrees. Family members usually can tell if a loved one is having drinking problems from its early signs. If the person continues drinking, he or she may develop signs of alcohol abuse or alcoholism.
The effects of alcohol problems depend on the severity of a person's alcohol use. Alcoholism may take its toll on a person's physical, mental and social health, and may even result in death.
The alcohol problem in America is more serious than most of us realize. Based on a recent study, millions of Americans were found to be using alcohol and drugs to gain comfort and temporarily escape their stressful conditions. While alcohol is not the sole "pain-killer" in the US today, it remains the most accessible and legal means of escape.